The most vivid family portraits are created in a familiar environment. Be it at the workplace, in an urban environment or in nature. Depending on the purpose, the perfect locations arise.

Before the photo shoot, Christoph Ris will find out the ideal conditions during a personal conversation.

A guarantor for relaxed, authentic family portraits is the time factor. That's why Christoph Ris takes at least 3 hours of his time. In this photo shoot, many different portrait situations of each individual family member as well as of groups are created, which are perfectly matched to the family.

Always included in the luggage of Christoph Ris is his professional lighting equipment to create the perfect lighting conditions.

Included in the price are at least 50 edited photos in print and web size as well as in ideal size for social media. Also included is the travel to the whole of Switzerland. Possible overnight stays, as well as the catering.


Package price whole Switzerland EURO / CHF 2000 (Maximum 6 family members)
Each additional family member EURO / CHF 400
additional make-up artist per person EURO / CHF 250

Offer all over Europe:
Travel expenses by train or plane and hotel accommodation not included. These expenses will be charged additionally according to expenditure.

Package price EURO 3800 (Maximum 6 family members)
Each additional family member EURO / CHF 400

 Requests outside Europe are welcome after consultation.

Important information:
All photo files handed over may be used by the customer for an unlimited period of time. The purpose of use is up to the customer. Only fully processed photo images will be handed over. No output of RAW files. Upon request, the customer will receive PSD files. Individually selected photographs may be used by Christoph Ris for portfolio updating after consultation with the customer.


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